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110. Awakening

I am living on borrowed time,
I should be dead, I fear;
I am living when I shouldn’t
What am I doing here?
I’ve got a chance to do it right,
To do what matters
To do what’s right,
To step put of the darkness
Into the light,
I’ve got the chance
I’ve got it, all right.
Why was I chosen?
Why was I picked?
To be one of the few
Who had to be sick?
And why was I allowed
To keep walking by,
With my head held high
And my sights on the sky?
Will it all end soon?
Will darkness fall
And snuff out the light,
Throwing me ‘to the night?
How will I know
When the end will come?
How will I know
When Death beats his drum?
I’m always unsure
For I’m not to know
When I’ll shut these eyes,
When I’ll go.
But I see that I’m here,
Standing my ground,
I see it’s my time now
To make my own sound.
My voice needs to speak,
My voice needs to rise,
My voice is my treasure,
My solace, my prize.
My spirit won’t shatter,
My soul will not break,
My mind will not bend
There’s a lot I can take;
There’s still much left in me,
Where do I start?
I am who I am,
I have life in my heart.

©Brindology 2014 & Cassandra Luey
©Original photograph by Cassandra Luey

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39. Hope

Shall this be my song of hope?

Why do you not want to sit in silence?

This silence is driving me crazy. I don’t want to hear myself think.

How can you talk of hope when your heart holds nothing but despair?

It is because I am sunk, I am defeated, I am nothing more than the dust covering this earth, that I can think only of hope now. I have nowhere to go. No one to meet. No one to hold my hand while I weep. I have to go up. There really is nowhere else to go.

©Brindology 2016

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