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74. Empty corner

the corner where you once were is now empty.
only silence fills that space.
did death come gently and hold you tenderly in his arms as you drifted off to sleep?

i shall sit here and wait for this moment to pass.
the sun has come up and let us all see how amazing you were.

the radio keeps playing.
the same old songs are there.
but this pain still cuts like a knife.
i loved you.
i love you.

you stopped my tears,
all these years,
especially when I was so scared.

i won’t let them tell me that i’m not strong.
i will not go back to being lonely.
i’ll be alive,
i won’t give up this fight.

(Dedicated with love and gratitude to George Michael. Thank you for the comfort of your music all these years. Rest in peace, my first Greek love. Xx)

©Brindology 2016

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