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71. My father and I 

Noisy raindrops splash down on the heavy green waxed umbrella.

My father carries me in his arms,
High above the drenched path.
He holds me tight,
He keeps me safe.

From my vantage point I see a colourful world:
Umbrellas in a multitude of rainbows hurry past me,
My head turning eagerly towards the nearest one.

Amidst this adventure, my father calls out to me,
He’s waiting to pop a few more Smarties into my mouth.

His eyes smile back at my grin.

How I wish I could travel back in time to that afternoon.
So much has changed between then and now.
He can no longer carry me;
But I mustn’t forget,
He still holds me tight,
And he still keeps me safe.

©Brindology 2016
Original image by Brinda Naidu 

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