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9. Misery walks beside me

From the moment of my birth, I have longed for so much.

The comfort of my mother’s breast,
The safety of my father’s shoulders,
The warmth of another’s touch to soothe my aching soul.

In my life,
I have experienced the cleansing showers of rain
and the deafening powers of pain.

Where misery has fallen in step beside me,
I have paused to look at his face
and collect my thoughts,
surrendering to the gnawing at my body.
I have fallen,
countless times.
My scars bear homage to my battles;
My tears have let me remain human.

But I have learnt to love him
and accept his presence.

Being human is not without pain.

At my moment of death, will my heart long for anything more?

©Brindology 2016

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