Chapter 2

I cannot sleep tonight. My fan is noisy but the air remains warm and still.

The lamp casts long dancing shadows against the darkened walls. I imagine them whispering to one another, sharing forbidden secrets of a life long forgotten. My ears strain to catch these whispers, but I only hear the constant whirring coming from my ceiling.

I shut my eyes once more, only to see your face look back at me. Am I visiting you in your dreams tonight? Sleep doesn’t come by for a long time. I can do nothing but wait.

A rhythmic tapping awakens my senses, just as I drift off. Startled, I sit up quickly. What’s this I hear? I push open my window and taste the cool air hungrily, hoping for some solace tonight. Rain has always calmed me. Tonight, the heavens oblige.

Watching the rain, I think of you. Has time been kind to you? I wonder if you’ll visit me in my dreams soon.

A lone cat sits silently and watches me from a distance. Green eyes piercing the black night, I think it hardly blinks. Perhaps, it is I who doesn’t blink.

©Brindology 2016

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