Chapter 3

Your eyes accused me but your lips never moved. Your trust in me was broken, shattered beyond repair. I never knew what I had done so horribly wrong. I wished you had said something. 

I wish no more now. Those days are long gone, having slipped into a lost urn. Nobody prays to the ash. 

I hold my head up high now. Your silence only showed your anger, but you forgot to give that rage a voice. I wronged you, but I didn’t know how. Perhaps I could have made things better, but your determined avoidance of me removed all possibility. 

It was difficult to forget our time together. Days fell into months before I decided I didn’t have to forget anything. Why did I have to cast aside those memories? Memories are important. You were a part of me. 

You are a part of me. 

I stand before you now and I see your anger has finally abated. You speak and the words fall gently from your mouth. 

You thought… you thought…

I hesitate to answer. I hesitate to think. 

I never knew you loved me. What kept you silent? What made you think I didn’t want you, too? 

I turn my face away, unable to look at you. False accusations flood my memory and your voice grows distant. I leave you behind, this time for good. 

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