103. Broken promises

Your voice filled my mind today. 
Your voice from so very long ago. 
Your voice that once spoke to my heart. 
Your voice that used to say how much you loved me. 

If we met now, would we recognise each other? 
Or would we keep walking past and away without a sorry glimpse into our history? 

Your hair must be grey now. 
There must be wrinkles running deep into your handsome face. 
There must be remnants of that love you once had for me buried somewhere in your heart. 
That love, before it turned into hate. 
That love, before it became someone else’s. 

I can’t say I still love you.
I know, I promised. 
But you broke your promise, too. 

I want to put out the light. 
I want to close my eyes and forget you. 
I want to be sure my heart doesn’t love you anymore. 

©Brindology 2016

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