98. Yesterday 

There’s a soft breeze blowing this evening,
And it lifts your brown eyes from your book to steal a glance at me.

The way you look at me gives me a thrill.

I act unperturbed,
Barely concealing the quickening blush that kisses my cheeks.
Dare I forget the smile on your lips?

I hear the leaves fall. 
I see a shadow fall over the sun.
I sense your footsteps beckoning.

This momentary shyness fades.
You’re just a stranger amongst the trees. 
I hum a broken tune but you interrupt me. 
I look up, startled at the familiarity of your voice.

How long has it been?
I failed to recognise the curl in your hair,
The way your hands held a book,
The storm you always brewed in my heart.
Hadn’t I changed enough?

How long did you sit there,
Knowing who I was?

Your words don’t register,
I only hear your voice.
I smile an old smile. 

And just as quickly as you walked over,
You now walk away;
I stop myself from calling out your name. 
I see you fade into the distance and my smile disappears, disappointed.

My tea is cold. 
The sun begins to set,
It is time for her rest.
I gather my things –
Thoughts and book and purse.

Someone comes quietly to sit beside me. 
I smile my old smile, again. 

©Brindology & Arun Rosiah 2016
Original image by Arun Rosiah

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