65. On a moonlit night 

You’re here once again.
Your blackened countenance gazes upon me as I close my eyes.
My memories belong to you.

In my dreams, your look is inscrutable;
I know not what you think of me.

Will you bring me peace?
Will you lie beside me,
Watch over me
And chase the nightmare away?

Will you let an all-consuming sleep be my bedfellow once more?

I hear footsteps beyond my door.
The voices travel far to reach my ears.
I imagine they talk about me.
Yes, me.
Sad little me,
That nobody else talks about.

The footsteps walk away
And a silent pause stays behind.

No, I do not hear the heartbeat anymore.

Shall I lean back on my pillow?
Shall I allow you to embrace me with the wickedness of your depth and surrender to your breathing?

©Brindology & Cassandra Luey 2016
Original image by Cassandra Luey

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