19. Wisps of smoke

At first glance, you appear perfect.
Raindrops of innocence mark your presence.

I take a second look at you and I have to shut my eyes
for more than a second;
I cannot bear to see all that is in front of me.

“Silence,” you whisper,
shattering the silence between us.

My eyes grow accustomed to the darkness within,
I keep them shut.
Nothing can compel me to look upon your countenance once more.

“Forevermore,” you say,
dragging my heart into the dust.

At first glance,
you had appeared perfect.
How did it all change?

I hear footsteps behind me.
And the breath of someone tired.
The moist air engulfs my nostrils,
reminding me that I hurt only myself.
I refuse to look at you
but I know you’re still there.

I hear the words fall off these pages,
I see the clouds move in the sky,
I know we’re not meant to be,
But I don’t need to know why.
The whispers surround me quickly,
The dense scents drift by,
The memories don’t stay by me,
My throat swallows my cry.

The unspoken passages of time wind themselves slowly around my sighs,
The remnants of so long ago tell me to not even try.

I hear the mask fall off your face
and shatter while we die,
I know we’re not meant to be
and I don’t need to now why.
Is this the end as I know it?
When did the beginning even start?
I refuse to look at you,
and my eyes must remain shut.

©Brindology 2014

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